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david-ng-profile-image-300x294 I did a joint venture with Linksys CEO and built Linksys business in Asia. Linksys was sold to Cisco for $500 million. In mobile gaming, we are in the emerging market where the population of our potential users are rapidly increasing.

David Ng
Co-founder of Gumi Asia

 testmonials_honeyman “I joined investment banking about 10 years ago, i joined as a mid career executive and so i didn’t go through the typical graduate entry training, so what i know about my business is what i basically picked it up on my own , so i believe this is the right time to pick up a formal education in finance. There were a couple of different programmes that were offered in Singapore, but what I wanted was short duration course that is very specialized in specifically what I needed to know. I get a chance to meet people who don’t come from the same background, in my cohort, i have course mates from marine trading, insurance business, a couple of university lecturers, it’s a chance to actually see the world from quite a different point of view.”

Mr John Honeyman
Executive Director, JP Morgan, Asian Equities EMsc Finance

 eileen-seah-profile “Although most professionals have built a broad understanding of HR management through their many years of hands-on experience, many still lack the in-depth theoretical knowledge that is required in their job. The accessibility of the IO Psychology program offered by Baruch College, The City University of New York in the same home country is a key success factor in achieving work-life-study balance whilst an overseas academia is imperative in broadening our perspectives and responses to organizational challenges. Definitely a must for those who wish to rise the management ranks or specialize.”

Ms Eileen Seah
Global Head of Talent & Learning, Thomson Reuters Asia

testmonials_anzel “If you take the present value of my compensation since graduating from Baruch and divide it by the cost of my education, the value proposition of a Baruch education is clear. My contribution to the college cannot even make a dent in everything Baruch has done for me.”

Keith Anzel
Managing Director
, Citigroup Global Corporate and Investment Bank

 dawn-lee-profile-image “The EMSM program is tailored for busy executives like me who need to travel frequently on weekdays. The intensive weekend classes allow me to better manage my time. Delivered by top faculty sent from New York, and coupled with a global curriculum, I benefit from their cutting-edge knowledge at a cost that is significantly lower than that offered by other executive masters programs in Singapore.”

Dawn Lee
VP Marketing, Eu Yan Sang International Ltd
Executive Msc Marketing

 dheebaletchmi-profile “My learning curve has definitely spiked after attending the programme. The concepts were useful for both my work and personal life. I hated statistics but Professor Charles Scherbaum was so magical and triggered my passion for statistics and I scored full marks for my statistics exam. Couldn’t believe it until today!”

Ms  Balakrishnan
Senior Manager (HR).  Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA)
EMSc IOP & HR Management

 patrick-liew-profile-image “We are changing faster than ever in today’s business environment, what works for us today might not work tomorrow. That is why it is extremely important for me to commit to learning, we must learn faster than our competitors and customers and the market in general. I believe everything in the business world boils down to marketing. Marketing is the process of meeting consumers’ needs on a win-win basis. There are a lot of new theories, new applications, and that is why I want to learn from the very best. And one of the best American universities you can go to, to learn about marketing has to be Baruch College, The City University of New York”

Mr. Patrick Liew Chairman
HSR Property Group
EMsc Marketing

 maria-medrano-profile-image “My interest to obtain a second graduate degree was sparked by the impressive curriculum available only through the MBA. I now feel much more prepared to truly challenged myself in any given business situation and feel that I have become a risk taking leader.”

Maria Medrano
Business Operation Manager Cisco Systems

 frank-young-profile-image “I was doing my research for business projects during my master studies when I discovered a need that was unmet, a gap in the marketplace for “a large-circulation lifestyle publication and based on my calculations there was tremendous potential.” Frank then went on to established Singapore Largest Circulation Lifestyle Weekly, The Weekender

Frank Young
CEO Weekender Group
EMSc Marketing

 song-joo-profile “I am glad to have signed up with Baruch College, The City University of New York as they delivered the objectives. The university lecturers took effort to consider our constraints as adult learners, and that makes the back to- school experience less of a struggle and more of an enriching experience. The value of a degree from Baruch College, The City University of New York has a added value of learning from faculty lecturers who are very experienced and are recognized specialists in their respective domain. I signed up because I want to acquire the structure knowledge that I do not have earlier in my career. This, I have accomplished as the course gives me the technical structure that I am now confidently sharing with my clients in my current role.”

Lim Song Joo
Director BWG Consulting
EMSc IOP & HR Management