Graduate Employment Survey 2016

Graduate Employment Survey 2016

The Graduate Employment Survey (GES) is conducted by Aventis School of Management annually to survey the employment conditions of graduates about six months after their graduation. The Graduate Survey is conducted specifically for graduates of our bachelor degree programmes. Aventis publishes the results of key employment indicators of the survey to provide prospective students with timely and comparable data to assist them in making informed career and course decisions.


Over 96% Graduation Rate

In concluding the Graduate Employment Survey exercise, Aventis School of Management is proud to share that our graduates are highly desired and employable in the labour market with 96% of them working now! The survey exercise is participated by graduates who graduated from the University of Derby and Kingston in 2016.

Median Monthly Gross Income of $3,000 Vs $2,700 (Industry Average)

Of those employed within a year since being surveyed 6 months after graduation, over 67% found a job before graduation, while the remaining all found a job within six (6) months from graduation. The Median Monthly Gross Income is $3,000 whilst the Average monthly gross income was $4,285.

**Council of Private Education’s GES (Fresh Graduates) Results in 2014

77.8% reported Promotion and Pay Increment

Besides being employed, most of our employed graduates also reported recent promotions and pay increments. Of those employed more than a year ago before graduation, 77.8% of those who had an increment, had about 1-10% pay increments since graduation. Around 32% were promoted since graduation.

Complete Graduate Survey Report 2016

Please refer to the Complete Graduate Survey Report below. For a more detailed GES report, please email your request

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