Graduate Diploma in Social Psychology & Counselling


Duration: 6 months (Part Time)
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Program Highlights

Social psychology is underpinned by theoretical and practical psychology, which can be applied in many fields across different professions.

Social Psychology is a study of human behavior in social and professional settings, which can be observed and applied in our daily activities. For instance, the commercial advertisements that you see every day rely on consumer psychology to develop marketing message. Counselling applies social psychology knowledge to design appropriate messages to evoke emotion and influence behaviour in achieving positive outcomes.

The graduate diploma in social psychology and counselling is a stimulating program designed for candidates with little or no knowledge in psychology and counselling based on useful theories and practical knowledge. It provides foundational learning and requires critical analysis and discussion in the concepts and ideas.


Where does it lead?

This program is designed for professionals so that they can have a deeper understanding of social psychology and develop fundamental counselling techniques. The program stands apart from others– distinctively to apply the knowledge learnt to the workplace. The objective of this program is to provide a deep understanding of social psychology and the ability to apply appropriate counselling techniques in the right social context.

The program aims to equip students with:

  • a good understanding of the history and use of social psychology;
  • professional competency to work with adults in a variety of settings;
  • application of various counselling theories and techniques;
  • opportunities to enhance personal growth and heighten awareness of others around them.


The Graduate Diploma in Social Psychology and Counselling is accredited by The Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore (APACS).  APACS is an association dedicated for all practitioners in the healthcare sector who are keen to be part of this big family of helping professionals. Although most of us in the association are psychotherapist, psychologist, counsellor, or social worker, we welcome other healthcare professional to join us. Thus, the approach to meet the individual or family in a holistic manner.

What will I learn?

As our society has become more complex with ageing and rapid changing business environment, there is an increase level of stress and challenges which requires the support of professionally trained counsellors to help these individuals and families deal with the overwhelming concerns of job-related difficulties, marital and family problems, illness and disability issues and other personal concerns that required assistance for individuals and families to improve their circumstances and quality of life. This Graduate Diploma in Social Psychology and Counselling aims to equip you with the skills set to be part of this growing sector.

The programme comprises of 4 modules which will help you gain cutting edge Psychology and Counselling skills using current industry best practices as case studies and benchmark. The 4 modules will be delivered over 4 blocks of 2 full weekend sessions from 9am to 5pm in Singapore

  • Perspectives in Social Psychology
  • Effective Counselling Techniques
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Ms. Celine Vasantha Edmund (Master of Counselling, Victoria University)

Ms. Celine has been working in the Counselling industry for more than 10 years now, be it as a lecturer or as a Counselling Psychologist. She was also the Head of Department in Counselling & Psychology for BMC, supervising overseas partnerships programmes, supervising Masters students and curriculum planning. With her experiences in the Counselling industry, it’s no surprise that she has a Master of Counselling from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. Ms. Celine is currently a Counselling Psychologist at Singapore Personal Counselling Service.

Mr Anil Singh Sona (Master of Social Sciences, NUS)

Mr. Anil has been lecturing extensively at several different institutions such as Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS). With more than 10 years of experience of teaching experience, Mr. Anil was awarded SIM University Teaching Merit Award in 2017, for demonstrating a quality and high level of dedication and commitment in teaching and SIM University Lecturer Service Award. 

Ms Joanna Yeo (MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice, Oxford University)

Ms. Joanna Yeo has a rich experience working at various organisations – be it a lecturer at National University of Singapore or working at the Ministry of Home Affairs as a Senior Officer (Rehabilitation Officer 1.) Ms. Joanna Yeo also has an extensive range of academic achievements – Bachelor of Arts with Merits in Double major: Sociology & Social Work from NUS and Sc in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Oxford University. With more than 10 years of working experience as a lecturer – she teaches at various private institutions, specialising in UK/US and Australia Diploma/Degree programmes.

A graduate diploma is a popular alternative to a Master’s degree as it provides a more focused curriculum by implementing Real World Solutions to business and industry challenges. The popularity of our graduate programmes can be attributed to its problem-centred and practical curricula and industry-oriented pedagogy. Our faculty consists of industry practitioners who provide pragmatic market-based insights that can be apply readily in the workplace.

6 months of life changing experience

In just 6 months, you can enjoy a life-changing experience by accelerating your career advancement or embarking on your dream profession. Furthermore, you will gain industry-specific expertise and improve your job performance and personal growth.

  • For PMETs with min Diploma/Degree
  • Short Duration of 6 Months Part Time

10 Years of Successful Track Record

With over 10 years of successful track record, our graduate diploma programmes are well-recognised amongst executives and managers looking to upgrade their knowledge and skills to be successful in their professional pursuit.

Students’ Testimonials

“The Faculty is both knowledgeable and sincere in helping others to succeed. I strongly recommend managers to listen with an open mind as I have personally benefitted from her counsel in my career journey” Jamie Lee, Integration Sourcing Manager, Australia New Zealand Bank Ltd.

“I never knew something so simple can be so powerful and it has helped me to stay focused on what I can change” Michael Ang, Customer Experience Improvement Manager, DBS Singapore.

“Truly, I have gained tremendous insights in further developing my knowledge and learning experience from the inspiring and engaging lecturers who have exceeded expectations at Aventis School of Management. It was important for me to make the right choice in selection; an institution with friendly, helpful and professional support staff makes the learning more refreshing and encouraging. Besides these, sharing ideas and different viewpoints with interesting working professionals from various fields has indeed enhanced my learning journey here.” Ms Jane KF, Chief Steward SQ

Diverse network of executives and professionals

The graduate diploma programme attracts a diverse group of professionals from various industries with common interests which create a valuable network and encourage cross-pollination of ideas, perspectives, robust discussions, and critical thinking to generate real market solutions, thus preparing participants with the critical tool kits to meet the challenges in an ever-changing marketplace.

Participants Profile

This program provides an excellent platform for those who are keen to:

  • establish sound understanding of the implicit and explicit processes of social psychology & counselling;
  • develop transferable skills such as analytical, evaluative and problem-solving skills;
  • adopt supervisory and leadership roles to foster closer staff relations and personal development;
  • provide guidance on counselling frameworks;
  • develop knowledge and skills in interpersonal communication and group leadership;
  • gain a solid ground and insight into the practice of counselling, theoretical frameworks and the realities of the psychology / counselling profession

Admission Criteria

The admission criteria are

  • A degree or equivalent professional qualification from a recognized university/institution


  • Diploma Holders with 5 years working experience


  • Mature Candidates above 30 years old

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“…covers a wide range of topics… using latest tools & techniques…”

Victor Ngo
Senior Vice President

“The Faculty is both knowledgeable and sincere in helping others to succeed. I strongly recommend managers to listen with an open mind as I have personally benefitted from her counsel in my career journey”
Ms. Jamie Lee
Integration Sourcing Manager
Australia New Zealand Bank Ltd
Ms. Jamie Lee

Integration Sourcing Manager, Australia New Zealand Bank Ltd

“Your learning will also take place in the company of experienced working professionals, just like yourself who can provide a unique vantage point into the subject at hand. Whether you are seeking to expand your knowledge, to further develop your qualifications or to widen your network, you will find that Aventis offers you an opportunity to do so like no other.”
Mr. Cheo Hu Gang

Manager, Rotra Chemicals

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