Graduate Diploma in Finance and Investment


Duration: 6 Months (Part Time)
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Program Highlights

As a finance professional or an investor, you are constantly presented with a wide array of investment opportunities across different asset classes. As the choices increase, shaping and monitoring investment portfolios becomes more complicated. Which investments will generate the highest returns without exposing you to excessive risk?

Throw away the get-rich quick schemes that never work, invest and grow your money the smart and proven way. The graduate diploma in Finance and Investment aims to equip you with the latest investment tools and scientific statistical techniques to critically analyze financial markets and investment opportunities and enhance the investment. In addition, you will be able to evaluate the potential risks and performance for day-to-day review of your investment portfolios, and developed a comprehensive investment strategy and systematic risk management system for your portfolio.

Course Objectives

This Graduate diploma aims to help you develop a blueprint on how to build an optimal investment portfolio across different asset class. Upon successful completion of the program, you will gain a firm understanding of the key financial concepts, and will be able to construct, evaluate, financial products and services available in the industry.

  • Learn how to set your financial goal and how to develop an effective investment plan
  • Develop a broad understanding of the micro or macroeconomics outlook of international and regional markets.
  • How to navigate the new economic and global finance landscape and choose the right stock for different situations
  • Transform your investing skills, outlook and confidence level for achieving more with your money.
  • Analysing asset classes – Bonds, Deposits, Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, Property
  • When and how to re-balance your portfolio across different asset class for optimal return on investment
  • Effective statistical tool to assessing financial products and their values
  • Action plan to take immediate steps towards better investment decision and performance

What will I learn?

The program comprises of 4 modules delivered over 4 blocks of 2 full weekend sessions from 9am to 5pm in Singapore

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

This module will provides you with the analytical skills and techniques required to actively manage diversified portfolios of securities and asset class. It will cover both theoretical and practical issues relating to the effective management of portfolios containing options, futures and other derivatives. This module will prepare you with the techniques for asset allocation management and performance assessment of portfolios.

Financial Risk Management

The module will equip participants with a strong analytical skill set with regards to the effective management of the various aspect of risk management which includes Business Risks, Market Risks, Credit Risks Liquidity Risks and Operational Risks that impacts on the valuation and volatility of the financial markets. It will incorporate the practical strategies, hedging tools and financial instruments available to effectively manage the risk management level and discuss on the operational aspect of risk management & control.

International Financial Market

International investment strategies and financial decisions must take into account today’s dynamic international environment. This module will cover essential international finance theories and institutional settings. The course aims to address burning questions such as. How are international financial markets regulated? Are financial markets efficient? What do central banks do and how interest rate adjustment impacts the financial markets? What are financial crises? Why do they occur? By the end of the class, you will have an understanding of the basic principles of financial markets to interpret current events and predict upcoming trends.

Quantitative Methods for Managers

The Use of Statistics in Making Investment Decisions is a critical component as you will learn the analytics techniques use by professional institution to evaluate and determine the value of different asset classes. This module aims to equip you with the financial tools needed to statistically analyze financial data and expose students to a number of important financial applications. covers statistical concepts for investment analysis and measuring risk and return.

 Why Aventis?

In just 6 months, you can enjoy a life-changing experience by accelerating your career advancement or embarking on your dream profession. Furthermore, you will gain industry-specific expertise and improve your job performance and personal growth.

  • For PMETs with min Diploma/Degree
  • Professional Advice on Career Planning
  • Career Coaching & Advisory Support
  • Short Duration of 6 Months Part Time

Why a Graduate Diploma?

A graduate diploma is a popular alternative to a Master’s degree as it provides a more focused curriculum by focusing on Real world Solutions to business and industry challenges. The popularity of our graduate programmes can be attributed to its problem-centred and practical curricula and industry oriented pedagogy. Our faculty are industry practitioners which provides practical and pragmatic market-based insights that can be apply readily in the workplace.

10 Years of Successful Track Record

With over 10 years of successful track record, our graduate diploma programmes are well-recognised amongst executives and managers looking to upgrade their knowledge and skills to be successful in their professional pursuit.

Diverse network of executives and professionals

The graduate diploma programme also attract a diverse group of professionals from various industries with common interest which create a valuable network and encourage cross-pollination of ideas, robust discussions, and critical thinking to generate real market solution, thus preparing participants with the critical tool kits to meet the challenges in an ever-changing market.

Admission Requirements

The admission criteria are

  • A degree or equivalent professional qualification from a recognized university/institution


  • Diploma Holders with 5 years working experience


  • Mature Candidates above 30 years old


Participants Profile

  • Executives and professionals seeking to further their career in in positions such as private bankers, relationship managers, stockbrokers, investment managers, and financial advisors, who are seeking a career in financial services firms.

  • Aspiring or investors who want to learn about investment opportunities in the global market

  • Executive who want to invest their savings safely and securely

  • Private investors seeking to grow their net worth according to their risk appetite

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