Diploma in Business Management

Duration: 4 Months (Part Time)
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Programme Highlights

Aventis Diploma in Business Management is specially designed to equip participants with effective managerial skills that are necessary for becoming efficient managers. The participants will be taught the knowledge that will enhance their decision- making skills and their ability to carry out duties more effectively and efficiently in the challenging business world of today.

A Highly Rewarding Experience

The program aims to enhance business executive’s global perspective and improve their management competency. The program also serves as a unique platform for executives to discuss and reflect on key challenges in an interactive and exclusive environment that allows them to exchange experiences with each other. Delivered over weekend blocks, this Part-time qualification requires hard work but hugely rewarding and empowering.


Where does it lead?

The course aims to impart the essential knowledge and pre-requisites needed for the participants to pursue a further education in Business & Management. Graduates will also be able to use the designation “Dip B.M.” after their names.

This program aims to broaden the perspectives of executives and young managers who ultimately return to work with powerful new insights with a new vision of what is possible for themselves as leaders and their organizations as businesses. With these broader outlooks and insights, participants will be able to bring personal and professional growth.


At Aventis, we believe that business concepts and theories are only effective if they can be converted into business strategies and applied realistically. Aventis’s faculties are actively engaged in the business industry and we also frequently engage business speakers to share the latest knowledge of real-world business issues, challenges and solutions to the classroom.

Programs are 100% coursework Focused

Case studies and assessment are based on real life cases. Students are encouraged to share, exchange their experience, providing a strong platform for effective cross-fertilisation of views and knowledge.

Cutting Edge Curriculum

The program comprises of 6 revamped modules delivered over 6 weekend blocks of classes over 4 months (Part-time)

Ethics and Social Responsibilities

The module examines issues surrounding how individuals and groups are organized, how they work and how they behave within the modern workplace. Values, attitudes, motivation and job satisfaction are of particular focus in the global workplace. An enquiry into communication, trust, power and leadership is also included. This module will be of interest to all students who find themselves employees in profit and not for profit organizations.

Data Analysis Skills

The module aims to equip students with the latest skills in Data Analytics. It aims to provide students with working knowledge and practical insight into the workings of the business analytics. In particular, students will get an insight into how big data is managed and useful information extracted to better make informed decisions. Students will also learn the key concepts in big data and data management.

Managing Business Information System

This module aims to provide students with working knowledge and application of business technologies in support of key operational management areas such as planning and execution. It will cover the latest tools and techniques available for company to achieve increased process integration, flexibility and agility. It will also provide case studies of how company employ emerging technologies to improve organizational effectiveness

Macroeconomics for Business

This module introduces to the students the economic analysis of key macroeconomic variables such as output, employment, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates. The important elements of the course include; measurement of macroeconomic variables, the development of models and theories to explain the behaviour of macroeconomic variables and the role of government policy in seeking to influence macroeconomic outcomes.


This module is designed to introduces to students the fundamental of accounting and financial management. When you have successfully completed this course, you will be able to describe and evaluate the basic features of financial markets and identify the basic components of nominal interest rates and use them to make expected return comparisons among assets, apply time value of money concepts to complex cash flow scenarios.

Business Law

This module is designed to help students acquaint themselves with the framework of Singapore’s legal system and to understand the legal environment within which businesses operate. Students will also be introduced to the law of torts and will spend some time understanding the essentials of the very pervasive tort of negligence. Other legal areas and concepts which students will be acquainted with include corporate governance and commercial crime.

Why Aventis?

Aventis is dedicated to the Professional Development of Working Executives. With a successful track record of over 10 years and over 2,200 successful alumni across Asia. Aventis is also registered with Skillsfuture Singapore.

Modular Delivery Structure Highly Suitable for Busy Executives

In just 4 months Part-time, you can enjoy an exciting experience by accelerating your career advancement or embarking on your dream profession. Furthermore, you will gain industry-specific expertise and improve your job performance and personal growth.

  • Specifically designed for working executives
  • Case studies and coursework focuses
  • Professional Advice on Career Planning
  • Career Coaching & Advisory Support
  • Short Duration of 4 Months Part Time

Who is this for?

The Aventis Diploma in Business Management is catered for working professionals. Candidates holding other non-related qualifications but with a minimum of 3 years demonstrated work experience may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Certificate in Business Management; or
  • Obtained at least a pass grade at GCE N level for any 5 subjects; or
  • At least C6 at GCE O Level for any 3 subjects; or NITEC or Higher NITEC; or

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