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If you are interested in finding out about our programs, but are unable to visit us in person, then this is your chance to experience our open day online. We are delighted that you are considering making us part of your future.

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Welcome to University of Derby, UK

University-of-Derby-Black-2014-LogoThe University of Derby provides students with the best possible start in their careers through excellent teaching, delivered in cutting-edge facilities by staff who are experts in their field. 96% of University of Derby students are in work or further study within six months of completing their degree (HESA 2016, graduating class over 2000).

Academic and industry experienced teaching staff combined with a wide range of accredited courses ensure you are taught to the highest standard. With over 22,000 students from across 121 countries, spread across five academic colleges and 3 campuses, the University of Derby is one of the UK’s leading modern and innovative universities with over 300 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Key facts:

  • Ranked Top 50 University in The Guardian University Guide 2017
  • Ranked No.1 for student support in the 2015 International Student Barometer (ISB)
  • Winners of the Times Higher Education awards in the
    • Winners of Knowledge Transfer Initiative of the Year Category – THE Awards 2015
    • Winners of Excellence and Innovation in the Arts and Outstanding Support for Students Category – THE Awards 2013

Reasons to love the University of Derby

Derby Graduation 2014

Our Courses

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance


The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting & Finance programme is a 9 months top-up direct honours degree programme. By focusing squarely on the practical application of key accounting and financial principles, the course will prepare you for the professional world in a way that is both relevant and inspiring. The final year degree will see you tackling complicated accounting and ethical issues. You will be studying leading edge and contemporary business and accounting issues; you will understand general accounting and business concepts and develop the skills and techniques required, through research, critical analysis and evaluation to suggest solutions to real management problems. You will be able to critically evaluate strategic business issues, and complete your independent study. Throughout the programme we will also be developing your personal, transferable skills. These are the skills that complement your academic knowledge and would improve your employability. You’ll develop your communication, report writing and presentation skills and be able to manage your time and work to deadlines. You’ll be able to work independently and be self-motivated, and also work effectively and constructively as part of a team. These skills are vital to your success, wherever you see your career developing.



There is always a demand for accounting graduates. Our past students have gone on to work for local public practices, multinational accounting firms and taken up accounting careers in merchant banks and other large businesses. As an accountant you will have the opportunity to work in many diverse fields, anywhere in the world.


What our students say

“I am very happy with my result, with this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Aventis and its faculty for all your efforts and especially your patience to guide us throughout the course.”

Chean Sock HoonGeneral Manager, Chancellor Oil

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BA (Hons) Business Management


The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Management programme is a 9 months top-up direct honours degree programme. This course builds on and embellishes the knowledge you have already gained from your diploma, or HND.

Covering global and strategic management issues, you will study the specialised areas of management, leadership and marketing. The programme is designed to equip you with a strong working knowledge of global business and international management.

For example, the ‘Issues in Global Business Consultancy’ module is a case study of current business challenges, which takes on a discussion approach. It is practical and examines where things go wrong and what can be done.

You don’t just learn about business. You will also be prepared for the workplace through the development of your teamwork, presentation and report writing skills, as well as CV preparation and interview techniques.



This astute business focus and depth of insight offered by this course means you emerge prepared for a career in a variety of areas, such as operations manager, business analyst, business development manager, HR officer and many, many more.

Past students now work for a wide range of companies from multinationals like Barclays and Shell, to small independent businesses. Others have gone forward alone and established their own business venture.


What our students say

I chose University of Derby BA (Hons) Business Management programme under Aventis because the course structure, format and duration. It offers a practical approach which empowered me to effectively apply what I have learned into real-life scenarios and to succeed in my career. The modules are crafted to encourage students’ participation, critical assessment of theories and leading edge practices which in turn enables me to adopt more than 1 perspective and nurturing views of creating new concepts and practices for the future.  This is an excellent programme and I would highly recommend to any individual who is keen to obtain a Direct Honours Degree and the option to further pursue a MBA or specialised Masters thereafter.

Mr Alvin Wong, SMRT Singapore
BA(Hons) Business Management

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BSc (Hons) Psychological Studies


The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychological Studies programme is a 9 months top-up direct honours degree programme. Psychology is the scientific study of human thought and behaviour. In this course, you will learn about contemporary research into the social, developmental, cognitive and biological dimensions of behaviour. You will also look at the applications of psychology in a wide range of areas, from understanding the nature and causes of mental illness, to investigating decision making in real-life situations.

Psychology has also become increasingly essential in business. This program is design to equip you with a set of working knowledge, skills, and competencies to excel in business and psychology-related industries, including government ministries, social service sector, corporate consultancy firms, human resource departments and research institutions.



People tend to think that psychologists are mind readers of some sort, or that in order to do anything with a degree in psychology you have to obtain a Ph.D and become a psychologist. However, many people do not understand the many other numerous career opportunities that are open to psychology graduates.

Psychology is the business of life. Students who study Psychology have a good understanding of people; their thinking and behaviour. As such, they would have an advantage in any job that involves people.

Psychologists can work independently and also team up with other professionals — for example, with other scientists, physicians, lawyers, school personnel, computer experts, engineers, policymakers, and managers—to contribute to every area of society. For example, they work with patients to help them change addictive behaviours that are affecting their health negatively. They work with business executives, performers, and athletes to reduce stress and improve performance at work. They collaborate with educators on school reform; applying the knowledge acquired in a range of educational settings from primary to higher education. They team with health officials to evaluate how the role of family can help in the prevention and management of ill health.

Graduates in psychology also often possess good research and writing skills, are good problem solvers, and have well-developed, higher level thinking abilities when it comes to analysing, synthesizing, and evaluating information. As such, many find jobs in sectors such as Management & Consulting, Business & Admin, Teaching & Education, Human Resources & Recruitment, Health & Social Care, Research & Development, Advertising, Sales & Marketing, and Retail Management.

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Admission Requirements & Fees

Our undergraduate 9-months Top-up degree programs accept a wide range of qualifications with relevant work experience. These include:

  • Relevant Polytechnic Diploma
  • Relevant Advanced Diploma
  • Non-relevant Advanced Diploma / Non-relevant Polytechnic Diploma / Private Diploma holders may be required to undertake relevant additional modules in order to fulfil the required credit points. The final decision rests with the University

Applicants are also required to meet the University’s English entry requirement.

Course fees (inclusive of materials) for any University of Derby Bachelor program: $13,800 payable over 3 instalments ( subjected to 7% GST) 

Monthly instalment scheme with financial institutions including Maybank and RHB Banks are also available.

Fees Payable (after 7% GST):

  • 1st instalment (upon acceptance) : $4,600
  • 2nd instalment (before commencement of Term 2) : $4,600
  • 3rd instalment (before commencement of Term 3) : $4,600

How do I apply?

  • Completed Application Form
  • Certified True Copies of all academic certificates and transcripts
  • Latest resume
  • Non-refundable application fee of $214

Alternatively, you can just fill in your details first and upload your CV for a non-obligatory complimentary assessment here. This assessment is 100% Risk Free, and will provide a good indication of your eligibility and acceptance into any of our programs.

  1. What do you mean by a Top-Up degree?

A Top-Up degree generally means the final year of a normal 3-year degree program. As such, candidates with relevant qualifications will be allowed direct entry into the program, while candidates with non-relevant qualifications may be required to undertake relevant additional modules as advised by the University.


  1. Is the degree recognized by employers/government?

There is currently no central government authority that assesses or accords recognition to degrees for employment purposes. However, our courses have been approved by Council for Private Education (CPE) Singapore before being allowed to run in Singapore.


  1. My Diploma is not related the program I am interested in. Am I still eligible?

While a related discipline will assist you in studying the Top-Up degree programmes, applicants with non-relevant Polytechnic / Advanced Diploma in any discipline are eligible to apply. The University however may require you to undertake relevant additional modules to fulfil the required credit points. Academic qualifications are only one component we consider when accessing the suitability of an applicant.


  1. What is the programme structure & delivery?

Our 9 months Top-Up degree programmes comprises of 5 modules, delivered over 3 academic trimesters. There will be approximately 30 contact hours in each module taught by Expert Faculty members. Students are expected to contribute to the class through sharing sessions and case studies analysis.


  1. How is the class schedule like?

The programmes are specially crafted to cater to working professionals. Therefore, classes are held twice weekly from 7pm – 10pm on weekdays over 3 trimesters.


  1. What is the mode of assessment?

A wide variety of assessment approaches are used in the programmes. These include case studies analysis, presentations and projects, and may vary according to individual module requirements. There will be no dissertation and minimal examinations.


  1. Are the lecturers local or overseas?

Our lecturers are local faculty members who have been approved by the University to teach the respective modules for each degree program.


  1. On completion of the programme, what designation can I use?

Students who have successfully completed the programme are eligible to use either the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) title – BA (Hons), or Bachelor of Science (Honours) title – BSc (Hons), depending on the program completed.


  1. Is there any financial aid or grants available?

For company-sponsored applicants from Singapore-registered businesses, the organisation can enjoy up to 400% tax deductions / allowances and/or 60% cash pay-out of the paid tuition fees under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme extended by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). This will be an excellent opportunity of offsetting the nett cost of sponsoring your academic upgrading. To be eligible for the scheme, the company must be registered in Singapore and have 3 employees under CPF. It is also a requirement to pay the tuition fees by company cheque.


Alternatively, there are education loans available. You may contact the following banks directly for more information:

  • Maybank
  • RHB Bank
  • CIMB Bank
Are you a mature student?
  1. Do you see many people like me – is it possible to switch careers at 43?

About 50% of our student population are mature students who have work/life experience on their side. One of our main aims as a Graduate School is to provide opportunities for people to enhance their skills, knowledge and understanding, thus allowing them to advance successfully in their career or make a career switch, if that is what they wish to do.


  1. Will I need new qualifications to make a career switch?

It depends on the career you are interested in entering. Acceptance of qualifications for employment is determined by the respective employers. There is no government authority that assesses or grants recognition to qualifications awarded by overseas institutions for employment. However, some occupations require you to have a degree and if this is the case then gaining the relevant qualifications is a requirement. Having a degree would definitely be able to open more career options and job opportunities for you.

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