Enjoy the flexibility of pursuing a highly recognized UK degree from top universities. The undergraduate courses are specifically tailored for busy working professionals with week night delivery over 9 months part time.

Now you can achieve your academic qualifications without sacrificing the growth and progress of your career.

Kingston University London

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management (Teach Out)

Prepare yourself to tackle an ever-changing and challenging business landscape with the right strategies. Tapping on time-tested business principles and innovative strategies, this is the undergraduate program to propel you in your corporate career or business.

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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Finance (Teach Out)

This degree caters to students who wish to acquire the knowledge and skills required for roles involving a deep, integrated understanding of funding an organisation and its investment activity, determining the cost of financing operations and managing financial resources.

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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Human Resource Management (Teach Out)

This practical business course enables you to develop your business and management skills for careers in other areas of the business world and learn how HRM plays an essential role in achieving the strategic goals of an organisation.

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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Marketing Management (Teach Out)

Gain a thorough understanding of the functional role of marketing in business organisations and be the creator of competitive advantage for any organisation. Give your creative ideas a voice and strengthen them with sound business strategies.

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University of Derby

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Accounting and Finance Programme (Teach Out)

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance is the springboard to a career in finance. Theoretical approaches & practical application equip the aspiring finance professional to tackle a broad spectrum of industry roles & challenges.

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BA (Hons) Business Management (Teach Out)

BA (Hons) Business Management provides a clear understanding of the modern business world. Students will be taught a wide range of creative and problem solving skills to handle the dynamic and ever changing business landscape.

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BSc (Hons) Psychological Studies (Teach Out)

Psychology has become increasingly essential in business. The Bachelor of Science (Hons) Psychological Studies Programme is design to equip you with a set of working knowledge, skills, and competencies to excel in business and psychology-related industries, including government ministries, social service sector, corporate consultancy firms, human resource departments and research institutions.

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