Graduate Diploma in Organizational Psychology

Duration: 6 months (Part Time)
Intake Date : Email or call Clare @ 6720 3333 for more information
Admission closing date: 2 weeks prior to commencement

Program Highlights

The Graduate Diploma in Organizational Psychology is designed to equip HR & industry practitioners with the knowledge to use organizational psychology at work to deliver win-win solutions that benefit both organization and its employee.

This is a practical oriented program focus on delivering business solutions to improve organizational fit, employee engagement and long term business success. The program aims to provide a comprehensive framework on the use of organizational psychology in human resource management challenges, consulting in business, education and mental health as well as leadership styles in organizations.

Where does it lead?

Aventis’ Graduate Diploma in Organization Psychology stands apart from other programs – distinctively in its ability to apply the knowledge learnt to the workplace. Organizational psychologists have researched heavily into all facets of workplace psychology, providing answers to challenges and questions such as:

  • “Monday blues” syndrome
  • Employee engagement
  • Workplace stress
  • Diversity and multigenerational management
  • Psychometric analysis
  • Staying competitive

What will I learn?

The program comprises of 4 modules delivered over 4 blocks of 2 full weekend sessions from 9am to 5pm in Singapore

HR Analytics and Talent Scorecard Analysis

This unit will equip students with a better understanding of the effective use of HR analytics as part of human capital planning. Students will be introduced to analytics and quantitative methods in making business decision about people and demonstrating the value of human capital systems. Students will learn to present quantitative data showing how human capital activities influence organisational performance. Innovative, forward-thinking strategies will be introduced to help students take their HR efforts to the next level..

Effective Performance Management and Appraisal

An effective performance management system that will motivate, retain and develop staff; manager, supervisors or staffs who have to do appraisal must see the process as a total system to be effective. This module will equip senior officers and managers with the critical skills and confidence to conduct normally “dreaded” Employee Performance Appraisals/Reviews, with positive results in aligning organizational goal, improving employee morale and enhancing job competence.

Talent Management and Career Management

Talent Management and Career Management program aims to provide students with an introduction to the Career Coaching industry and a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a Career Coach. It provides an approach, complete with step-by-step process to enable students to explore their personal motivations and values, interests and preferences, strengths and potential experience building development. The program will enable clearer and more realistic building of development strategies and careers. Students will have a better understanding of their career aspirations and understand their strengths and development focus, which will lay the foundation for them to develop their short-term and longer-term career goals.

Organizational Psychology at Work

Organizational psychologists use research methods and psychological principles to resolve organisational conflicts and to build a collaborative culture for success. This unit covers the techniques on the must-knows when addressing employees’ concerns and ways to align employees’ interests with organisational goals and objectives. It also highlights the psychological processes to assist employees to cope with organisational stress and life.

Dr Chris Fong

Prolific Leader; Organisational Psychologist; Award Winning Orchestra Conductor

chrisDr Christopher Fong is a prolific leader. Previously an international multi award winning orchestra conductor before embarking on a second career in psychological studies. As a Leadership Consultant, Christopher brings leadership from the concert hall to the boardroom with an impressive and successful track record of personal and professional achievements. Chris has an extensive speaking career, travelling the world lecturing to organizations on organisational change and development.

He has a strong passion to grow and work with young, dynamic and entrepreneurial leaders from SMEs to large MNCs. A strong advocate of work life integration, he continues to pursue his passion by accepting international and local invitations to conduct symphony orchestras and conduct leadership programs with them.

Ms Vasantha Kumari Ramachandra

MSc in Industrial Organizational & Management of Human Resources (City University of New York), Bachelor of Counselling (UniSIM), Graduate Diploma in Counselling (UniSIM)

vasanthaMs Vasantha has more than 20 years’ experience in the role of Chairperson of branch Union fostering Union-Management relationship. She is also a member of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) & AUPE Women Committee whose contributions include the development of leadership potential of women workers, advocating towards empowering and enhancing the employability of women, enabling women to return to the workforce and supporting single mothers. She is currently the Senior Consultant at Psych. Line Consultants and the associate counsellor at Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities.

 Why a Graduate Diploma?

A graduate diploma is a popular alternative to a Master’s degree as it provides a more focused curriculum by focusing on Real World Solutions to business and industry challenges. The popularity of our graduate programmes can be attributed to its problem-centred and practical curricula and industry oriented pedagogy. Our faculty are industry practitioners which provides practical and pragmatic market-based insights that can be apply readily in the workplace.

Why Aventis?

In just 6 months, you can enjoy a life-changing experience by accelerating your career advancement or embarking on your dream profession. Furthermore, you will gain industry-specific expertise and improve your job performance and personal growth.

  • For PMETs with min Diploma/Degree
  • Short Duration of 6 Months Part Time

10 Years of Successful Track Record

With over 10 years of successful track record, our graduate diploma programmes are well-recognised amongst executives and managers looking to upgrade their knowledge and skills to be successful in their professional pursuit.

Diverse network of executives and professionals


The graduate diploma programme also attract a diverse group of professionals from various industries with common interest which create a valuable network and encourage cross-pollination of ideas, robust discussions, and critical thinking to generate real market solution, thus preparing participants with the critical tool kits to meet the challenges in an ever-changing market.

Admission Requirements

This program is designed for working professionals with the following qualifications:

  • A degree or equivalent professional qualification from a recognized university/institution
  • Executives with 8 years working experience but without academic qualification will be considered
  • Executives without 8 years working experience or are below 30 years old will be advised to apply for the “Advanced Diploma Program”

Participants Profile

  • Managers
  • Executives and Support Staff
  • HR staff
  • Line Managers
  • Supervisors / Team and business leaders

How much is it?

  • Your investment into the program will be $6,000 before GST
  • A one time registration fee of $200 before GST is applicable

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